Results of preventive work on September 17

Dear players!

Maintenance work has been completed. The list of changes can be found below.

Warrior skills have been changed. Before making all the changes, all the warrior's skills were returned to their standard state. All warrior skills that use weapons (with the exception of the "Charge" skill) now trigger a GCD (global cooldown) equal to 1 second.

Changes to Warrior-class skills

  • [Agonizing Strike/Mortal Blow] The total damage of this skill is reduced by 20%.
  • [Devastating Blow/Flawless Strike] The total damage of the skill is reduced by 20%.
  • [Arcing Blow] The total damage of this skill is reduced by 30%.
  • [Crushing Blow] Fixed the ability to use the "Dash" skill while jumping (added 2 seconds to "Charge" CD after using the "Concussion Strike" skill).
  • [Heroic Might] The total damage of this skill is reduced by 10%.

Warrior class milestone change

  • [Thumbs Down] Now increases damage against knocked down enemies by 5/10/15%.
  • ["Sign of Weakness", "Blind Combat", "Indomitable", "Caffeine", "Stone Brainpan"] Now reduces the duration of crowd control effects by 25%.
  • [Pebble Wall] Now the cooldown of the barrier after its destruction is 60/40/30 seconds at 1/2/3 milestone ranks, respectively. At rank 3, the milestone also increases the size of "Stony Resilience" warrior by 5%.
  • [Rugged Fighter] Now increases Stamina by 5/10/15% at 1/2/3 milestones, respectively.
  • [Just a Scratch] Now reduces the non-critical damage taken by the warrior by 2/4/6% at 1/2/3 milestones, respectively.

Other changes:

  • Deserted Farm is now 4x4
  • Fixed minor bugs

Also, 150 premium crystals were credited to all accounts.

Regards, Allods Online Unchained Team.

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